Laser Cut


Fiber Laser Machines and Advantages

We can cut up to 4 meter length . For many thicknes of materials the fastest way to cut is laser cutting. We can cut Steel Sheet, Chrome, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel etc.

It uses a laser to cut materials , and is often used for industrial manufacturing applications, but also schools, technology is starting to be used by small businesses and hobbyists.

Laser optics directing the work of the most common high power lasers in the sector. laser optics and CNC ( computer numerical control ) of the material used directly or the generated laser beam.

CNC or pattern G – code will include a motion control system to keep track of the material to be cut on a typical commercial laser to cut materials . The focused laser beam,  After leaving aside high quality surface melts , burns , or blown away by evaporation from a material gas jet is directed .

Industrial laser cutter is used to cut flat sheet materials as well as structural