About Us

   Akfaport is a global foreign trade company which aims to provide fast reliable and high quality service by using innovative methods and technology. This company which begins with the half of a century from family trading history and thirteen years foreign trade experience founded by Akif Doldos and Ismail Faruk Doldos.


Our Company carrying out operations about importation, exportation and trilateral business transactions aiming to provide benefits to the international and multi-dimensional business activities for increasing in the volume of world trade as a result of establishing the balance between global products’ supply and demand.


Akfaport Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. operates trading business as import and export of iron-steel and construction materials, industrial products, textile and carpet products, agricultural products, food and beverages, diapers,  health care products and supplies many raw materials, semi-finished and finished products acording to demand of customers.